I hate guys who only want one thing from a girl.

If I start talking to a guy, I don’t expect us to talk about sex all the god damn time. and if I ever plan on having a relationship with someone, it’s not going to revolve all around sex.

and right now I’m getting the vibe that all this guy wants from me is sex.

Sucks to suck buddy but you’re not getting any.

Sorry im not sorry. 


Youre on my mind like crazy lately. I csnt figure out if you like me or not, and even if i like you or not. We flirt but i dont know. If i want something to happen, i need to make it happen and ask what youre really thinking.
But then again i dont wanna lose a friend in the process and make things awkward.
I just wish i knew what to do….

What i wore to the rodney atkins concert last night:)
Youre gonna miss me, youll be back around. But im smarter now than i was back then. Too little too late. (Taken with Instagram)

I think im single..

Hi i look tiny in this picture and my room is messy

Well this night didnt go as i thought it would at all..


And then you finally get that text and youre happy :)


Those moments when you really, really want to talk to someone but they don’t text you back and you don’t want to annoy them by sending them a bunch of texts so you hope they text you back soon. 


I’m really dreading going to work. 


People just need to go away.


I have a feeling today is going to be a very emotional day. 

Because of many reasons. 


Today is my last cross country meet. Ever. 

I really wish I started cross country earlier, I wish I would’ve believed that I could do it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing cheerleading. But cross country..there’s something about it. Sure it’s hard, and sure there were many times I wanted to give up in the 2 years I did it. But look how far I have come. Two years ago my starting time was 28:00 something. Terrible, I know. And just last week my time was 21:19. I have come so far in this running journey. I have accomplished things I never thought I would EVER do, including running four miles without stopping. I’m going to miss cross country so much, the people on this team are amazing even though they annoy the hell out of me sometimes. But this is my second family. 

It’s going to be very emotional tomorrow and at the banquet. But if I cry, I’m going to feel like I shouldn’t be, since I haven’t been doing this since my freshmen year, like many of the seniors on the team. 

All I know, is that doing cross country has been the best decision of my life. And I will for sure be continue running. I just wish I could continue running with my team, my cross country family. 

It’s been a long, tough season with our new coach, but he pushed all of us to the brink just to make us better. 

My goal for tonight? 20 minutes. I will push myself as hard as I have pushed myself before.