DIY: Date In A Mason Jar!

Hey y’all! I made this for my fiance and I to have in our new apartment. It’s a jar filled with different colored Popsicle sticks that have different date ideas on them! Each color also represents what type of date it would be. For mine: white= just already primed sticks in case we think of new dates, blue = expensive, green = kind of expensive, and yellow = dates for when we’re broke! (haha) I really hope y’all like this! ALSO: I did not actually come up with the idea of date in a mason jar, I saw it on pinterest, but this is MY version of it & these are all my pictures!(

What you need!

  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Three different types of paint 
  • Ribbon (If you want a bow) 
  • FAT Sharpie
  • Mason Jar
  • Super Glue

The instructions are pretty simple. So I’m not going to number them. Just divide the Popsicle sticks, paint them the colors you picked, & then write your different date ideas on them! (I put mine in so y’all could see and get some ideas) Shuffle em up, put em in the jar, tie a bow and super glue it, and voila! You have just made a cute little dresser topper! I hope y’all do enjoy this! I worked really hard on it! :) Have fun y’all!

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